Strategic Communication Management

As G101 Communication Solutions we believe that communication management has a key importance on the strategic business planning of  your brand that creates a competitive advantage.

With this belief, for the hall processes that our clients communicate with their stakeholders, we serve an integrated communication management which suits with their business goals and needs. We aim to position their brand’s perception and reputation as if they desire.

Media Relations Management

Media, as the most effective communication channel during the creation of brand awareness, holds a key importance for the brand perception management.

As G101 Communication Solutions, we lead the media relations of your brand with our core approach of reliability on our messages, timing and communication channels.

Sustainability Process Management & Reporting

In parallel to the population increase and related resource shortages, Sustainability has been increasingly gaining importance in past 10 years within the corporate world.  Consumer awareness is driving companies to apply sustainability as an integrated part of the corporate culture, and not just as a marketing tool.

Now, it is time for you to focus on creating the value through sustainability and capturing it for your Company and Humanity.

As G101 Communication Solutions, we work side by side with our Clients and their teams throughout the process for creating sustainable value to their Company and humanity.  Furthermore, the developed and executed projects and awareness for sustainability are reported in an international reporting standard, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) principles.



Corporate Social Responsibility Project Management & Communication

The changing paradigma in the World is continously increasing the social awareness of the consumers. The latter are requesting and leading today the corporate world for social sensitivity.

Today, companies start to reach the impact zone of governments.  For a sustainable corporate model, uniquely profit oriented business model and strategy is no longer supported by consumers and the market players; now besides the economical aspect social and environmental impacts are key success factors for today’s businesses.

As G101 Communication Solutions, we work side by side with our Clients and their Brands to integrate social sentitivity and responsibility within work processes and their teams.  Furthermore, we communicate the latter awareness to the target markets and customers.