Start-up Screening & Mentoring

Team of The Venture: When we invest, we invest in people. Because we believe in the people. Our values do not only include cash and assets but also honesty, integrity, humanism and creativity.

Product of The Venture: Product and service development, physically or virtually, requires methodology, creativity and boring stuff such as legal protections and intellectual property management. Our team includes expertise in all of the fields and G101 will guide you in your commercially sound product development tasks. 

Market of The Venture: Market research and marketing strategy is the right point to start developing your products and services. G101, having a prominent marketing communications team, will provide you the tools and outlook for the right marketing strategy for your start up.

Business model of The Venture: Developing a business model is the least known and most crucial part of success in entrepreneurship. We use our own methodologies as well as the business model canvas (BMC) approach, which is widely used in the Unites States. We follow the BMC and value proposition design methodologies.

Angel Investment

Equity: We provide equity investment to promising globally scalable start ups.

Network: Our circle continuously brainstorms on potential investment, and market development opportunities. As the saying goes: “Small keys open big doors”

Know-how: Our excellence in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and international business will make a difference in your growth & development. Our team is composed of prominent leaders in their respective fields. You will receive the magic touches you are worth both rationally and spiritually. 

Select Micro Fund

As Turkey based G101 (g101.com.tr) and US based Venture/Science (venture-science.com) we are raising the Select Micro Fund (SMF) in order to invest in both Turkish and Silicon Valley startups  to deliver top returns to its limited partners. We capitalise on our network in the Silicon Valley, talent pool in Turkey, world class team and extended LP network and we apply a rational investment management strategy.

Venture/Science was founded in 2012 with locations in Palo Alto and San Francisco. It is an emerging quantitative venture capital firm in venture capital asset class. Team backgrounds include Stanford, Columbia, GSU, UNC with professional tenures in data science, private equity, direct investments, fund of funds, special situation funds. Venture/Science exited to Google in 2014.

Rational investment decisions require data and math and Venture/Science is positioning itself in high data and high math rational investment approach. We apply decision and financial analysis to every problem inside the VC fund timeline.

Silicon Valley funds are the premier investment vehicles in venture capital asset class. They are rare and difficult to enter. Silicon Valley relationships are tightly controlled, generally closed to new investors and SMF provides a strong exit vehicle to startups in Turkey. Our stochastic approach calculates optimal levels of check sizes and dry powder levels.

We work closely with the leading law firms in the valley not only in deals but also in knowledge sharing given our expertise in bias-free selection models. Our legal network includes Cooley, DLA Piper. Many of our peers understand the importance of an analytical approach to selecting opportunities to avoid biases. We are ready to syndicate deals with top VC firms.Our peer network includes Andressen Horowitz, SVB Capital, Sapphire Ventures, Khosla Ventures, AngelList and CrunchBase. Our press network includes Forbes, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Reuters VCJ and Venture Beat. Our founder Matt Oguz is also a columnist for TechCrunch. His articles reach over 1.2 million readers across the globe. This coupled with our favourable press coverage already drives top deals to our inbox. In academia we have very strong relations with Stanford University, MIT, Bogazici University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Berkeley and Carnegie Melon University. We spend a lot of time on their campuses. While we don’t favour one over another, we’re connected to all top accelerators and evaluate the graduating startups on their demo days throughout the year. Top accelerators we cooperate include Y Combinator, Techstars and StartX.

Current pipeline includes graduating classes from top accelerators and they are already under evaluation. More incoming deals due to strong press coverage and local presence. We are ready to syndicate with other top VC firms (SAP Ventures, Khosla Ventures, a16z). We have legal partners such as Cooley, DLA, Wilson Sonsini in deal evaluations. We have working relationship with SV Bank, First Republic, Wells Fargo.

The SMF will focus on seed stage venture capital investments. Sector focus will be deployment to multiple sectors based on risk-return characteristics. Carried interest is 20% with term of up to 10 years. Exits shall realise whenever the opportunity arises and in that case, 10 year period does not have to be completed for the exited investment. Legal counsel is Cooley, LLC and financial institution is the Silicon Valley Bank.